Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Again??????

I mentioned in a FB post that I have friends that do stupid stuff!

Not the JackAss movie stupid stuff like a sparkler in the arse, but running trail ultras and doing Ironman events.

This weekend was the Woodstock race events and Ironman Wisconsin, so I was online tracking friends and checking for results.

So having read the accounts of some of them having to drop out of their 100 Mile race at different points due to different reasons or tracking the start of their marathon while I was starting my dinner was just bizzare.

I think the two days from work go fast enough just with normal crap, like mowing the grass and consuming BEvERages while watching football, these guys were doing some amazing shit!

One of the individuals that really stuck out was doing her first 100 miler and the time limit was 30 hours! Can you remember what you did your last 30 hours? Well she was having GI issues after 20+ miles but she persevered and completed the race(I use this word loosely) in 29:29. Now that 30 minutes may seem like a lot of time but not after 90+ miles....

To make matters worst for the 100 milers, it rained for most of the early morning hours, leaving a large portion of them cold and shivering.

So, I truly have some extraordinary friends that I am truly proud.

Oh what else did I do this weekend?

I got in my two runs with minimal knee pain and began looking at my long-sleeved running shirts.

Is it really Monday again?????


Redhead Running said...

I ran in to and met so many people that dropped from the 100M/K because of the relentless storms but all day Saturday was absolutely beautiful! I thought of you too as we pulled in to the lot, I was like, remember this is where we met Coach Ken the first time for Run Thru Hell when he was directing traffic! LOL!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I ran in long sleeve this morning! It's going to be cold tomorrow too.

Joanna said...

I'm not ready to admit that the mornings are getting a tad, just a tad, chilly. I'm still in short sleeves though. I think I have a few more weeks at least.

Running Around Acres said...

Those 100 milers and tri people are amazing. They are awesome folk who have tremendous perseverance.