Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday's Why???????????

Okay it was big news around the Mitten state that Kwame Kilpatrick was released from jail.

Upon his release he was given a bus toke(which he didn't need because a Cadillac Escalade was waiting for him) and two condoms.

Two condoms??????

It's normal protocol to give males condoms when they leave prison????? WTF??

Okay, yesterday was a track day and it occurred to me that we all need short-term memory lose to do it.

You know how you feel once you completed whatever the workout is, when you're out of breath and everything hurts?

Well, you have to forget all of that in your recovery and start all over again........

But on the other hand you need long-term memory to remember that you did that track workout when you're racing!

Oh the mind games we play....



Marlene said...

Yep, just like a marathon - have to forget the pain before you contemplate another. Fortunately I have a terrible memory...

lindsay said...

actually i don't have that problem with marathons i'm just dumb and keep doing it over and over. :)

that's interesting about the convict release... good ol' tax dollars at work!