Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Recap......

Damn I hate these weekend recaps, they only remind me that it's time to get back to the work grind!

I had a Craptastic run on Saturday! It started with me sleeping in because I deserve it. I'll be back out with the team before I know it, so every Saturday of extra sleep is like gold.....

So when you sleep in, you have to pay to the weather piper. It wasn't hot but it was warm and humid.

I started off and knew that something was wrong from the beginning. I always know those first 10 minutes for me are the toughest. I can talk my self out of or into a workout in 10 minutes.

Well I kept going, knowing it was going to get better.

It didn't get better, I just had to bite the bullet and keep going.

If anything could go wrong it did.
  • My water belt started chafing my waist
  • I started developing a blister on my left foot
  • I was running in quicksand
  • I was actually finding loose change on the road, which meant stopping/starting
  • Vultures started circling above me
  • Walkers were passing me
It got so bad, I was wishing one of my neighbors would drive by and save me.

Thankfully Sunday was the total opposite, I was able to redeem myself and get in a quality run while the rain drizzled upon the road.

Hope everyone had one crappy run this weekend too!

Oh, come on misery loves company.



Lisa said...

My running has been really hit and miss lately too. Oh well.

Rebecca said...

I got quite that stares from drivers running today but it really was the ideal MI weather to run in!

Anne said...

You sure we didn't pass each other this weekend. I had that kind of run too. And, I can't blame the weather. Glad yours was followed by a redemption run. I'm still waiting for mine.

Marlene said...

Damn that loose change, always appearing at the most inconvenient times...

B.o.B. said...

nope. my run was great. now, the 33 mile bike ride on the other hand...ok well it was craptastic but it did get hot for the last 6 miles.

glad you gutted it out though. those runs make you tough!

Joanna said...

You're too funny. Running in quicksand. But seriously dude, what is up with you + blisters?

MCM Mama said...

The only good run I've had in the last month or so has been in Michigan. Too bad I was only there overnight...