Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts

Why attempting to play a round of golf with some buddies, I noticed something that might apply to quite a few of you 'runners' in Blogland.

I was the only person walking and carrying their clubs! Now I admit that I'm cheap and can't imagine paying to get in a motorized cart to chase a ball and I do own a pull cart. But for the life of me, I enjoy the walking and carrying the extra weight!

It really got me to think about my legs and other endeavors that I assume my legs should be able to carry me through.

I use the stairs instead of an elevator unless I'm going to the 111th floor of a building.

I ride my bike to the store, if the items can fir into my saddlebags.

I have a push mower to cut my lawn, although it is propelled.

The other part of this is the expectations that friends and family have of me now.

Do your non-running friends think you can run anywhere on earth and not need a vehicle????

Do they think all you do is exercise???

Do neighbor kids look at you strangely???????

Okay time to eat my granola and sit on my balance ball at my desk!!



Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I'll park in the first parking space I see, even if it's further away from the store. I don't understand the people who spend 15 minutes circling a parking lot so they can park 60 seconds closer to a store.

B.o.B. said...

I think the strange looks you get have nothing to do with your running... ;)

Marlene said...

Golf is for sissies.

Lisa said...

my work colleagues think i'm a fanatic for taking the stairs to my office ON THE THIRD FLOOR. Really??? Two flights of stairs makes me a fanatic??

Joanna said...

Yes--friends think that I exercise constantly. I think to non-runners it gets blown out of proportion a little.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

To non-runners, running 26.2 miles IS crazy - even 3 miles a day is crazy to non runners.

Jess said...

I live on a golf course, and NO one carries their clubs. It's ALL carts. But,m this summer the country club must'v had some kind of youth program or camp in which the kids/teens walked and carried their clubs, because they were out there, in 90 degree heat, hauling their clubs around!

Dano said...

With you all the way. People ask "how you do have time to train that much - I'd never have that much time". Heh, it's right in front of us - just choose the harder way, right?

Her Name Is Rio said...

Yep- my neighbors think I'm crazy. I "downplay" the number of races and how much I run to my co-workders too. Weird.