Friday, August 26, 2011


Okay just more random crap running through my head, so I am officially posting about running!

So we all know how cool we are and it shows in our running. Well what about the rest of our life???

Since I try to get to the gym at lunch, I have to bring my lunch in one of those dorky personal cooler type bags. I might as well have on glasses with the tape on the side when I walk into my office.

Can't they make a cooler looking cooler?

Because I spend all of my disposable income on running stuff, my work/nightlife attire tends to suffer. Who knew casual shorts were suppose to be long? So Tom Selleck Hawaiian shirts are out of vogue???

Why don't people walk around smiling more? Just the simple fact that they're walking should be enough!

At what age did we stop dancing to the music in our cars????

If it's called 'Pop' culture, why can't this Dad keep up?????

When did women start holding the doors for me????? WTF!

Okay everyone in Louisville or wearing Hoodies to the Coast or just limping around NYC(Red), have a great weekend!



Marlene said...

Nevermind cooler bags, I need an actual COOLER to bring all my food to the office!

And if one more person at work says "you're eating AGAIN?!" I'm going to throw a hardboiled egg at them!

Lisa said...

i still dance to the music in my car :-)

Anonymous said...

I carry so many bags, including a soft sided cooler, to carry all my crap to the office- it is RIDICULOUS!

If you like the Hawaiian shirts, OWN it and wear it anyways! Other folks will follow suit. :)

Run Jess Run said...

...there's an age limit to dancing to music in the car?

Joanna said...

Ok, I don't think the personal coolers are so nerdy. At a recent meeting my work passed out medium-sized ones with our department's name written on the side. Now THAT is nerdy.

Grown men in short shorts....aHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!