Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts

Okay, more stuff that is Running through my mind!

Are runners the only people that take photos of their shoes to share with others???? If I have a pair of Brooks Trance, do I need to take a photo????

Were there any Girl fights on the Nuun Female Bloggers relay teams??????? LOL

Is Oprah still running?

August was one of the lowest mileage months of my running life??

Is my job hurting my running???

Will I be still running at the age of 85????

Am I the only one thinking about 2012 already?

Who is going to be my High-maintenance TNT participant and what is their story going to be???

Okay, time to hit the gym and get my run on!



Lisa said...

Is Oprah still running? Gosh, good question. I dont' think she is, but I dont' know why I think that.

Will I still be running at age 85. I hope so, wouldn't that be cool?!?!?

lindsay said...

August was definitely my lowest-mileage month... Ever.

I am with you on 2012 because I know that having taken 5+ weeks off I doubt I will be in racing shape before then!

Amber said...

Oh man! I laughed when I read your high maintenance TNT participant comment. I have one right now who makes me want to pull my hair out. Never.listens.EVER.

Joanna said...

I promise to stop taking pictures of my running-clad feet for a while.

Yes--run when you're 85! Why not?

No--you are not the only one thinking about 2012 already. I'm there.