Monday, January 10, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts..........

Is Running a true Sport????

If running was truly a sport wouldn't we have some running cliches???

I'm sure that you've all heard the following cliches:

'I'm really proud of the way our guys hung in there. '

'This team shows a lot of poise.'

'Just watching him is worth the price of admission.'

We spent an hour at work talking in cliches, it was hilarious!

All we runners have is stuff like '..looking good' or 'you're almost there...'

We need some middle of the pack cliches.............

How about:

'...I knew I could take him on that last hill, how did I know he was 80?'

' Damn dude, you just got chicked!'

'I knew coming into this race that I was in average shape'.

'Lady, you're looking good and you're running okay too'

On a different note, go check out B.o.B., she was just awarded the prestigious Stylish Blogger Award, which is only given out every 1.3 hours!

I'm going to make up some award that I can give to myself, isn't that how the People's Choice got started?????


B.o.B. said...

Totally how the People's Choice got started. How else would the cast of Jersey Shore get an award?

Marlene said...

Don't forget "Shouldn't you be moving a little faster?"

Joanna said...

I once read a John Bingham column in which he pointed out the cliche of solidly mid-pack runners wearing statement t's like "second place is the first loser!" I've never actually seen anyone wearing that shirt, but if the Penguin says its true, it must be true.


haha, I'm glad I read B.o.B.'s post and found your blog. You are funny (just like B.o.B. said!)!! I personally like: "You just got chicked" - I feel particularly cool when I pass a guy (sorry)! :-)

Morgan said...

Nice! Love 'em!

Anonymous said...

People's Choice- Ha! I was thinking just that the other day.

How about the "I Found My Happy Pace"