Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

Online shopping for your running stuff or do you support your local running specialty store or both?

Do you have local elite runners that compete on a national level too? Here we have the Hanson's Distance Project and these guys are down to earth people.

Does your area have enough races to keep you satisfied or could yoiu think of a month that could use some more?

What's your worse race experience? Mine was running a first year race that had self-serve water stations. They evidently couldn't get sufficient volunteers to man the stations. I actually started handing out water as I raced.

I get a brand new batch of runners for the summer season on Saturday. Hopefully the temps will be close to freezing, so they don't get scared off...

Stay thirsty, my friends.............


Joanna said...

Worst race experience...in terms of pure logistics, definitely the US Half in San Fran this fall. It was really poorly organized, and then the rain didn't help. But I still think the Illinois Half last spring was worse. The humidity might not have been so bad if the race hadn't been so unreasonably over-sold. It was awful.

Brian said...

I live in north Texas. During the summer months the race calendar is pretty empty. It's understandable though - racing in 95+ degree temps doesn't appeal to alot of people.
As for a worst race experience, I haven't had a race experience that stands out as being really bad. Probably the toughest was a 10k I did over July 4 weekend. It was hot and humid - just miserable. But they had plenty of water stations, so it was manageable.

TutuRunner said...

one of our TNT coaches is a soon-to-be pro ironman, who's sponsored by timex. pretty badass! plus, she's the nicest person you'll ever meet. it's cool to have her out there running in the back of the pack with me when i know she could just zoom by everyone.... (she can do a 3:30 marathon at the END OF AN IRONMAN!!! WOW!!!)

Rose said...

I *have* to try running clothes on. Stuff all fits different. But, I do acquire most of my stuff via thrift stores, except my shoes. Since I have to try those on, too, I buy local.

We have a billion races year round here in LA.

Worst race? I don't think I've had one. Oh, wait, I did a triathlon in AZ that must have been some sort of elite triathlon, because everyone was faster than I was, by hours, and by the time I got to the running water stations, they were empty. I crossed the finish line and no one was there. Now, I wasn't rolling in 8 hours later, either. I don't think 4 hours for an Olympic length triathlon is "shut down the finish line" worthy. I've done sprints that were still going strong at 6 hours. It was really sad.

Marlene said...

We could definitely use more local races. There's only 1 or 2 per year in our immediate area, although we're close enough to Toronto that we have access to races constantly.

Worst race experience would have been Mud Run 2008 - we started late (almost noon) on a hot June day and there was no water out there!

Run Jess Run said...

It's weird that an area that has a pretty decent running community has hardly any races and the nearest running store is 90 min away.

Lisa said...

i mostly buy running attire at marshalls, which is neither online nor local running shop. i typically get my shoes online. i do support the local races.

Lily on the Road said...

So glad you were insinc with the Packer's, now that is good Karma!

We have tons of races up where I live, anywhere from 5K - marathons, try-a-tri to full Iron. A little further away are ultra's and fun mud runs.

I usually get tech shirts from my races and spring for some shorts at the expo's. I know, I'm cheap!

Worst race ~ hmmmm, I don't run hard enough to remember....but several cycling adventures come to ming!

lindsay said...

I buy most stuff from local store, but sometimes I take advantage of an online sale for shoes.

Def need more races down here. Wish I had the organizational skills to start my own mini-series!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

My local Fleet Feet never has my size shoes, so I shop on Brooks.com but it is a local company so that still counts..

I have not noticed any local elites..there is a 60 year old woman named Judy who runs ALL of the local races she is a celebrity in our area :)

We have PLENTY of races in WA...a race every weekend I would say..but most are North of where I live and cost $25++..so time and money keep me from participating..

I went myself at mile 12 of my First Marathon...nuff said...but I finished so I guess it was not the "worst"

Good LUCK with the newbies..I love all the shiny new clothes and strange ideas about pace/plans/eating, etc..