Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Thang Thursday

1) Why do parents of the kids practicing football need to stand in lane #1 of the track when they see a group of runners trying to use said track? One guy even commented that the runners could go around him???? WTF!

2) Is it just me or when running through a sub-division, why do the only two cars on the road always converge on each other when they get to me running???

3) I have been slacking in my training effort and distance. So I'm giving myself a kick in the arse. I'm going to try and get with the Thursday group run I used to run with years ago at Hanson's running store. These people were animals and I hoping some of that will rub off on me.


JoannaRuns said...

On #1--I know!!! What is that about?!? We once convinced them to move by running on the inside of lane 1, between them and the field. They got the message.
#2--I wondered if it was just me and my imagination with this one, but apparently not. Glad I'm not crazy!

...I am, clearly however, procrastinating at work.

Marlene said...

My question is why some drivers insist on driving as close as possible to the runner even when the road is wide open?!

Her Name is Rio said...

#2- Yes! Why, why, why?!!!!

Run Jess Run said...

*inserts extreme sarcasm* High school football rules all, don't 'cha know! The world stops for it.