Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday's Why????

Why would anyone attempt to do interval work on a hot and humid day like today?

Why do we attempt stupid stuff like this when they're calling it a heat advisory day?

We think that we above those warnings, since we're 'in shape'....

Be safe out there everyone.


Marlene said...

I got a good reminder today not to take these conditions lightly. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Not me man, I'm on the bike at 5am and that's that until this heat passes.

oh, word ver ~ Blessing, and yes it is a blessing that we are smart enough to not run in this!!!

Laurel aka Lily

Christy said...

That is why I am running indoors this week...the heat!!1 ugh!

JoannaRuns said...

I am sweating my @ss off over here! I decided on an easy run instead of intervals this morning. Because that would have been unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

Heat advisory = think again about that run! :)