Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday's Why????

Okay, this just popped in my head, why do they sell condoms at Sam's Club?????

I saw this catch phrase regarding 1/2 marathons and thought it was worth sharing:

'A good girl never goes all of the way'.......

This brought out some more good running phrases.........

"half of crazy is still crazy!"

"Are you going to stare at my butt or are you going to pass me?"

"Yes, I run like a chick...but I'm ahead of you"

"Some girls chase boys, I pass'em"

Got any more??????


Bethany + Ryan said...

here's my why...why is Mcdonalds sponsoring a half marathon? lol

CoachLiz said...

I must not be a "good girl". I do go all the way!

Sam's sells condoms??? A mega economy pack??? WOW, who knew???

Marlene said...

Those are some good ones.

I like "I know I run like a girl. Trey to keep up!"

Lily on the Road said...

LOL at Bethany's comment, bwwahhaaaa

Morgan said...

Those are great!!!! LOL!

Anne said...

Is it the Sam's Club part of selling condoms by the bulk that perplexes you? And are they just flying from the shelves where you live???

Racn4acure said...

Pretty funny, Coach Ken!

Another one I've seen and liked is "Do I look fast in these shorts?"