Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts

Well the race volunteering was great but missing out on much deserved sleep wasn't. The races started at a horse-racing track, which gave a new meaning to the term course sweeper!

Normally you sweep the course to ensure there are no major obstacles or cars that could impact the race. I had to make sure the the race track was free of horse poop!

The things we do for a free T-shirt.

More random crap...

Sandy participated in a 25 mile training run that started at midnight, talk about different!!!!! She's getting ready for her first 50 mile race.

How many ultra-runners do you know? One of the guys from my Tuesday running group completed the Western States 100 mile race. That's my monthly total, WTF!

Why do they call them races when you're doing that much mileage? It should just be a fifty mile thing or moving for fifty miles.

I had one consecutive good run in a row, there was confetti and the crowd was fantastic!

Who did we talk to about our running exploits before blogging, if we didn't have a group?????

I miss my 2010 TNT teams............


Marlene said...

I know a few ultra runners and it just boggles my mind! How do you move for that long?!

You're cracking em up, as always! How does your team run when you're alway making them laugh?!

Anonymous said...

I was glued to the internet following the Western States runners this weekend. Simply amazing!

Hopefully you can catch up on some sleep soon!

dadspointofview.com said...

Free T-shirt. How do I get mine?

Lily on the Road said...

Too funny about sweeping the course, that's quite a visual!!!

Good Luck Sandy, that is fantastic and as for your one consecutive good run in a row, still only makes it one run!


Anne said...

Oh dear, the horse poop got me right in the gut.