Thursday, June 10, 2010

Speed Kills, Okay it Hurts

There are a few runners at my place of employment and with the warmer temps a lot of us are running at lunch time.

Being the elder statesman of the group, I tend to take the brunt of their 'old man' running jokes.

So yesterday I decide to show these youngsters what I could do on the track!

We have a 1/2 mile path near our building so this would be a good day for 1/2 mile repeats. My intentions were to try and maintain a comfortable 3:45 1/2 mile pace with a 1/4 recovery.

It's amazing what running with co-workers can make you do:

First 1/2 = 3:30, but that didn't feel like I was going that fast.
Second 1/2 = 334, that hurt and I can't breath anymore.
Third 1/2 3:32, Why am I getting light-headed all of a sudden and I can't feel my legs!
Fourth 1/2 = 3:35, I'm having a heart attack, I know it! I can't see.......................

Once I regained the use of my limbs and had my fill from the oxygen tank, I was able to do my cool-down with the kids. Needless to say, I held my own against a younger faster group of runners. Little did they know that I will never get out there with them again!

Now where did I put my medication???????????


kara said...

Do they know how old your are? Some young folks think 30 is old ! ; )

BTW - WTG on those speedy times. You're ready for a 1 mile PR!

Lily on the Road said...

Excuse me, was that your testosterone talking? Why do you feel you need to keep up with the young'ns????

Men, she says while flip flopping away in sandals....

Marlene said...

Very impressive splits, Gramps. ;)

Anne said...

Thanks for representin', Ken. Those are indeed very impressive splits.