Friday, June 4, 2010

Website Overload and Mo'.........

Okay, I miss a couple of days of checking Google Reader and find out that you guys are posting every single day of the week, holidays included. (I'll never catch up!)

Why did I check the box to receive emails from subsequent comments? Oh that's right, so I can have a backlog of emails to delete in my free time...... (have I always been this stupid?)

Did I mention that I need to update my DailyMile, Buckeye Outdoor, RoadRunner Sports, SparkPeople, Calorie Count, ShapeLink and BrooksRunning Club accounts for the past few weeks?

As you can see, I have issues committing to one site to hold all of my valuable training information.

Well, the last few TNT participants are winging their way to San Diego to rock that marathon and 1/2 marathon. I will officially have a two day weekend in a few weeks. What will I do now that I'll have six hours to myself?

I still have to post a race report from last weekend's Bayshore Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. The team did fantastic but a few participants to the Porta-Potty tour of the course!!! Hey **it happens. (literally)

My hamstring is feeling better after a couple of days off and I'll be ready to test it out this weekend.

Just to give you a clue as to what kind of crazy household we have, this was a birthday gift for Sandy recently.

Romantic isn't it???????????


Marlene said...

Have a great weekend, Ken!

Michele said...

Wow, sounds like you need a couple days of absolutely nothing to catch up on everything!

Yay for the San Diego TNTers!!

Have a great weekend.

Running Around Acres said...

Guess that's how you snagged her with romantic gifts and gestures.... take some down time for yourself. Enjoy the weekend.