Saturday, March 8, 2008

Everyone Knows it Windy

We received a bit of good news on the weather front, we’re not having the snowstorm that they were predicting. It’s just going to be cold with flurries and thirty MPH wind gust!
Since this was a non-TNT training day, I could have slept in and enjoyed my Saturday but noooooooooo. I’ve been cooped in running on the track all week so it was time to get outside. I love my TNT teams because of their dedication. Even though it wasn’t an official training day, several of the team showed up in terrible weather conditions to run.
I tried to keep everyone together so they could at least block wind for each other. The wind was so strong at times that the street signs were flapping, but we got in our long run.
I never loosen up the entire run, I felt stiff and awkward. I’m hoping that the warmer weather will help with this issue. It’s hell getting old!
Going to a TNT fundraiser tonight and drink some beers for a good cause.


Sonia said...

That wind was brutal! Good for you for running in that. On Tuesday, I'll get my life back and will go for a run

L*I*S*A said...

I truly think that cold weather has something to do with stiff muscles. I always feel looser and run easier in the warmer weather.

CoachLiz said...

Way to GO TEAM!!! As we like to say, the wind is your friend.