Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday's Why???

So now that the election is behind us and some folks think the country will be going down the toilet. We can get back to our regularly scheduled lives.

Bring on the stool softener commercials..........

Why is it that if the workout doesn't take 30 minutes, we don't feel it's worth dressing for?

How many of you can actually get dressed to run one mile?

Can I go to the pool and just swim one lap?

I have seen people in the gym do one set of certain exercises.

Is thirty minutes the magical time line????


Terzah said...

I say you have to start somewhere!!

Glad to read your good news in the last post, too.

Kenley said...

I wil dress for everything. but i dont think ive had a less than 30 minute workout.

Joanna said...

I get dressed for just one mile, but that's mostly because I still need a sports bra. And yeah, somehow 30 minutes feels like the line somehow. Not sure why!