Tuesday, November 6, 2012

.....and the Winner is...

ME! The doctor said that I can resume my normal activities (minus any knee pounding) and perform my own PT!

I opted for my own physical therapy because I know everything!!!!

While I was there I noticed a few guys that were on crutches. One of them had similar surgery to me six weeks ago!!! OUCH, I guess I am really fortunate.

So my plan is to be the best athlete that I can be going forward. This time off has given me a chance to look back on my past athletic endeavors and realize some of my shortcomings.

I'm not saying that I'll compete in a Tri or make the regionals of a Crossfit Open, but I want to be completely strong. Eliminate the weakness that I know and have kind of overlooked.

So if I know that I want to do several strict pull-ups, I know that I need the strength in my back and shoulder area to get it done. If I want to swim non-stop for three minutes, I know I have to get into the pool.

I'm hoping that adhering to this will improve my running and keep me from that damn doctor again.....


Jess said...

Glad you got cleared to resume activities! Let the fun stuff resume!

Anne said...

Sounds like you really did use the forced rest to your advantage and came to discover something about yourself. Good to hear you're truly back on your feet again.

lindsay said...

You ARE a coach, so obviously you do know everything! Look forward to seeing you on ESPN in the crossfit games ;)