Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Already?????????

Wow, it's been a long time away from work and the gym!

They have yet to repair the scale at the gym and it continues to spew ridiculously high numbers each time I step on it! I've complained several times to the attendants about it, but they just laugh..... WTF?

I've been sneaking in some actual running into my workouts but nothing worth bragging about(100 meters of speed). I still have to applaud people that walk, it takes forever!

Our local Turkey Trot was a cluster f*&k, from the starting corrals to the finish line!

The race has grown to the point of being too BIG! I've spoken to a few runners that agree and it got totally bashed on Facebook as well.

Have you ever participated in a terrible race?

Thankfully, I was handing out water at the Finish line and only hit one woman in the head with a water bottle. Who knew the guy would miss a perfect toss to him????

I have totally fallen off track with my 10,00 pushups for 2012! Between the knee surgery and one-man pit party, I over 1500 pushups behind!

That's why I hate challenges...................... HA


Terzah said...

I'm hoping never to participate in a terrible race, but there's probably one out there with my name on it....

Jessica said...

Challenges are overrated. They always set me up for failure!

Kathy said...

My scale has the same problem ... must be a manufacturer's issue ...
C.F. races are inevitable - even with the best of intentions. Bummer.

Jess said...

I've participated in many terrible races. 5Ks chief among them.