Thursday, November 29, 2012


1) I think I've become 'That Old Guy' at the gym. I'm the old guy that talks to the other regular old guys and have stories of how life was before WWII. At what age did this happen??????

2) I was so tempted to purchase a winter running jacket last night for $150!!!! Then I remembered how much $150 is..............Isn't it funny that's only two pairs of shoes and the jacket will last longer than the shoes but I couldn't pull the trigger and justify it to myself....... What's the most expensive thing you run in???

3) We seem to be having a resurgence in running in our downtown area. New groups of urban dwellers are popping up on a regular basis. Is this happening where you are????

Who could pull this off????


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Just posted about a winter jacket on my blog. Got a great deal - $64 - normally $135.

lindsay said...

i hope you're also "the old guy" that just sits on random machines while talking to other old guys. especially the chest press one. that's what the "old guys" did at my old gym :)

Run Fast Mama! said...

That would be my Garmin 610 thanks to Hubby.

Racn4acure said...

My shoes are the most expensive thing I run or walk in (but not hike). I see a lot of people running downtown, too.