Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Why

Why is it when I use the treadmill for a warm-up run before strength training, I feel like I can run forever?

Why do we always have to compare ourselves with the person on the next treadmill??????

Why does the water at the gym taste better than the water at work or home????

Why did I go back and look at the results of some of my races from the nineties, now I'm depressed???

Why does it seem like my 24 hours goes by so quickly???????



B.o.B. said...

1. are you really coming to Florida???

2. email me. fb me. something so i can see your face if you are truly coming here.

3. you raced in the 90's???? lol

Terzah said...

I raced in the 90s, too! I don't know if I wrote down any of my times, though. I was kind of casual about it.

Marlene said...

24 hours only goes by quickly on the weekend!

lindsay said...

i raced in 98-99... high school xc :) not to make you feel old or anything...