Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston Monday..........

I tried to run yesterday afternoon after drinking one too many on Saturday night and almost made it a quarter of a mile!

In my youth I had one of my best marathon with a hangover???

Two days later I'm still feeling like crap!

So as I get older my running and drinking get worse??????

What is there left??????


Amber said...

I can't drink anything but water the night before a workout. I'm a cheap date because of that. As for your know this from experience?? I don't even want to think how many I should have replaced by now if I was following your 6-9 month rule. :P Any chance you will be coaching Cleveland in May?

Kathy said...

Oh good gracious, drinks are for after the run, not before! That would kill me!

Terzah said...

Many many things appear to be harder as I age....but I could never drink and run, even in my youth. Now AFTER running, I could drink and dance all

S said...

Yeah I used to think I was a machine when it came to the morning after a night of more.
For some strange reason there is now this very fine line between being OK the next day and being foggy the next day..and that line is so fine that there's many a night when I crash right through that line.

Lisa said...

I don't drink at all anymore. Wonder what my excuse is for my bad runs??