Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Thangs Friday Eve

1) I'm still not 100% from battling a mild cold. I'm not sure which is worst, the cold or the cold medication?

2) Why is it when you have limited time to run, your run is the best? You can go on forever or at least you feel like you could.

3) Opening day for baseball season here in the 'D'. So summer is unofficially started.I have yet to register for a race this year. I am registered for Flying Pig but I'll be coaching that race.

Okay, time to get a hot-dog and throw out the first pitch!



B.o.B. said...

i love a hot dog.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

you're registered for the Pig but not running? How about run with one of your runners?

TNTcoach Ken said...

Jeff, I have to be registered to be on the course. I will be running with quite a few TNT runners. Even a few non-TNT runners(J. Williams).......