Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's Why???????

Since we have finally caught up on viewing the Biggest Loser, my questions are:

Why do the make the women wear those form-fitting tops when they start to lose weight?

Have you ever gone up to an obese person and asked how much they weigh?

Did you see what the Chris woman was binging on?

What food could you binge on and never get tired of eating?

Doesn't the White House have a gym or workout room,why were they in that conference room?

Would you go crazy being on the ranch all of the time with the same people, even if we were working out?

What can possibly cause the contestants to leave the show next week, did they run out of Jenny-O turkey bacon?


Evolving Through Running said...

Product placement on that show is relentless. Haven't seen any of this season - last season kinda soured me to the show.

Run Jess Run said...

I was wondering if Bob and Dolvett were just going easy on the First Lady. No puking or tear-filled workouts there.

Terzah said...

Ice cream...I could eat ice cream and never stop. The more flavors the merrier, with toppings or virgin pure.

I don't watch BL, but I've seen the pics and I don't get the form-fitting top thing either.

Your comment on my blog lightened the load--thank you!

S said...

This season is a train wreck. I've always thought that the form fitting tops was because their body was starting to sag from the rapid weight loss and the tops helped to contain the sag. You would think the White House would have a rocking gym.