Tuesday, May 5, 2009

305 or 405?????

It's time for me to upgrade, can you believe someone actually asked about the brick (Garmin 301) that was on my wrist!

Brick!!! This thing has made my left are so much stronger and bigger than my right arm. How many miles have I logged with the brick?

Each year since I've owned it I watched as technology has passed me by, I've wanted to upgrade.

But noooooooooooo, I've hung on to my fateful companion as others have stepped into the 2000s.

How can I justify spending the money? Can I use the excuse that my Garmin fell into the toilet?

I can use the old one as a level for the bookcase or as a stopper for the doorwall.

Okay, I'm doing it but now I have to figure out which Garmin to purchase. I've heard no good things about the 405 but it looks so good. Remember, it's not how fast you go but how good you look.

The 305 is on sale at BestBuy for $159.......

Decisions, decisions................... any help would be appreicated.


Marlene said...


You can display more information on the screen (without scrolling) - that's why I love it.

Pat said...

love the photo for comparing the size (I always thought you were darker complexion). My 305 gave out on me after 21 months. I'm thinking about getting the 405, but it's twice as expensive.

and with 48 year old eyes I have to keep the screen to just two items anyway.

Melanie said...

haven't used the 405, so i can't really compare, but I do like the screen displays on the 305. good luck!

Jodie said...

I just got my 305 a few weeks ago...and love it. But yeah, that things huge.

Be careful with Best Buy...you can only order it online, if you can pick it up at a store near you. (My sister was going to get one and we had a hard time finding a best buy in the state of Texas that had one.)

Jess said...

I've heard mixed things about the 405 as well, but it sure does look dang nice!

Marcy said...

LMAO at Pat! I'm also impressed that you wore some bling :P

I've heard nothing good about the 405s too. Go 305!

Christie said...

The 405 looks pretty, but maybe that's all it's good for. I haven't heard anything nice about it. I have the 305. It's big, yes, but I've gotten used to it. It's not that bad.