Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Week in Review

These past few weeks have been unnerving for me on the employment front, and we all know how that effects everything else these days.

The company I worked for sold off some assets and I happened to be one of them!

My last day was Friday and I'll be working for a new company on Monday.

I guess the key word is that I'll be working but we all know how difficult 'CHANGE' can be.

Okay enough about that work stuff, let's talk running.

I've had some beautiful early morning runs and some terrible lunchtime runs. Can someone explain that to me???? I made it to 150 consecutive days of running and it is getting a little easier especially with the warmer weather. I recommend everyone start a running streak. Misery does truly love company.......

I have a couple of runners in San Diego doing the Rock N Roll events, good luck guys.

After Alaska, I'll have a siesta from Team in Training....... so sad.


Marlene said...

Sorry to hear about the employment situation - good luck at the new place. Hopefully it will turn out to be a positive change.

Congrats on reaching 150!!

Carly said...

Yike to the job situation! I hope it is a smooth transition.

Nice job hitting the 150 mark of running.

Lily on the Road said...

Oh boy Ken, well at least you have somewhere to go! I truly hope that it will work out for you in the long run.

Congrats on the running front, maybe I'll join you in your misery of consecutive days, however, my distances are short! chin up big guy, at least you have a job.

Jess said...

Sorry to hear about the work change; hopefully the new environment suits you well!

Nice job on the 150 day streak!

Running Around Acres said...

150 days... of continuous running. Unbelievable. I struggle to get 2 days a week. I want to grow up and be just like you.

Libbie said...

Change can be good! You have your running to keep you sane and centered. Hang in there!

Anne said...

I agree with Libbie that change can be good. Embrace it -- and feel fortunate you still have a job after the sale. So many in this country are down and out.

Becka said...

Man...that is crazy. You've been there quite a while. So, what is the new gig? Where is the new gig?

Best of luck, and keep streakin'!

Al Durham said...

Change can be good and bad, but at least you were part of the sale. Did they get a good price for you? I think you should get a percentage of that money.

Congrats on the 150 day mark. So when if the

Runner Leana said...

Oh no Ken. I can relate that when you have stress like that it really affects everything else. I'm glad to hear that you still have a job though. Good luck at the new company!