Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hypochondriac or Smart????

Yes, I am still running everyday and I think I may have jinxed myself by mentioning it.

Today's run was going to be an easy seven miles but my right Achilles started to give me some concern. Now, I've been injured several times over my running career and most of the injuries started as twinges or aches that I ignored.

Not anymore!!!! I stopped in my tracks when the ache in my Achilles stayed for too many strides.

Now when you're over two miles from home in running attire walking isn't a real good alternative, so I ran a little and walked a little. In hind sight I'm wondering if I was being smart or being to afraid?

So now I'm icing every body part associated with the running motion. My post-run ritual is taking more time than my runs!!!

So I'll be the old scholl runner with the knee braces, calf compression sleeves, compression shorts, arm warmers for UV protection, safari cap with the neck protection, sunglasses, sun screen, and fuel belt. Have I forgotten anything?

Isn't running a simple sport???????????


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Supposed to be simple... lol. I think you made the right choice, listening to your body is a smart decision. :)

Carly said...

LOL....I think I will be matching you with running gear. I think you were being smart. Injuries get bad because we runners push through them all too often. I am glad you listened to your bod.

Racn4acure said...

Sometimes that no pain no gain thing is really bad advice, Coach Ken. Sometimes the KISS principal does not apply to running.

Jess said...

Erring on the side of caution is never a mistake.

Becka said...

This article should inspire you to continue your streak...although carefully please.

My dad is having surgery on is Achilles in a few weeks...I don't want to hear that from you!

;) keep streaking and remember stretching!

kara said...

My post-run ritual is taking more time than my runs!!!As it should! ;)

Take care! ICE!