Saturday, July 19, 2014
Time of training - 10:30 AM
Place of training - Lifetime
Details of training (e.g. distance, reps, sets) - .25 mile
Comments on how training went - Feeling a twinge in my right knee, so I decided to cut it short and turn around. I tried another jog and the same twinge appeared.
Rate of effort during training - Minimal
Highlight of training session - None
Muscle soreness - None
Nutrition pre/post workout - Coffee
Quality of sleep the night before training - 93%(6h 52m)
Energy level before/after training - Average
Level of stress - Average, nothing going on
Level of confidence - Below Average
Level of motivation - Below Average
Identification of any self-handicapping thoughts - Raining and feeling like I was getting coming down with a cold.
Feelings before/after training - Actually surprised I went out to attempt a run. After volunteering for the Gopher the Gold race, I could have taken a nap. Didn't want to run but I knew I needed it.
Weather - Cloudy, 68 degrees


Joanna said...

How surprised was I to see you in my blog feed! Does this mean you're back to the blogosphere?

Unknown said...

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