Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Again?????????

Damn, did those two days go by quick! It appears that our weather is trying to make a correction and get on track to late April temps. Seems like we've been in a grey wind tunnel for the past month.

Is it just me or have more runners turned to Crossfit to build strength and improve their running? I've been doing some of the Crossfit exercises on my own and even programed my own workouts. Have any of you sipped the Crossfit kool-ade?

I'm actually running on a consistent basis but nothing longer than 4 miles. If I feel any type of twinge or funny feeling in my knee I just stop! Not like in the middle of the street stop but stop and walk the remainder. So, I keeping my fingers crossed for a truely running summer.

I tried to purchase a Boston Strong Tee from the website and they were sold-out in no time! Damn charitable runners................. HA

We had a local marathon in Lansing and there was definitely a larger police presence, even to the point of checking bags.

My spring TNT team is headed to their events in the next two weeks, so I'll be training without them. That damn empty nest syndrome is starting to creep in.


Jen Feeny said...

I'm so glad the weather is starting to trend towards something other than a miserable gray wind tunnel. (Even if I'm not out there running!)

Glad you are feeling better and getting in some miles!

Unknown said...

I didn't have many runs over 4 miles before trying to do the 10K this weekend. Knee problems stop me as well. So happy that my knee decided to cooperate this weekend though. Every once in a while it behaves. :-)

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Lindsay said...

i have the crossfit IV hooked up... i love it!! i think it's a great compliment to running. my problem is now i want to do both all the time, lol. ya know, just can't be smart & levelheaded over here.....

Unknown said...

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