Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday's Why & Whats???????

Okay, that friend I spoke of decided to go back and do speed work with the gazelles again! Why is he so stupid?????

Why does the water taste better at the gym when I'm working out than the water at work????

Whatever happened to taking off from November to February in the colder regions??? People are training year round.......

What other body readings would you like to see on your watch/gps unit? Would you like to see body temp or blood pressure?

Why do people make that mad dash for the finish line after struggling for 99% of the race?

Does it really help if someone says 'good job' while you're racing?

What is your favorite saying when you're racing?

Why am I so shocked when a service worker seem genuinely polite and receptive?????


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

In college my friend had this BMW SUV that showed how, if you continued on at the speed you were going, the way you were driving, how many miles you'd have left before your tank was empty.

If my Garmin could do that it would be amazing.

lindsay said...

i think people get an extra adrenaline burst when they see the finish line ahead.

come to think of it. when someone says "good job" to me - i don't think anything of it really. or when they say "looking strong" i usually think "hah yeah right you must be blind". so i guess maybe i shouldn't say "good job" to people i pass.