Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts..............

Are we as runners not very bright when it comes to our bodies? This past weekend once again proved to be unusually HOT in Green Bay and Cleveland. The race(marathon and 1/2 marathon) was cancelled after 2:35 in Green Bay, but they continued in Cleveland with runners dropping like flies.

I personally had two TNT alumni in Cleveland and it got scary for both of them to watch people on the side of the road as well as assisting another runner until EMS persons showed up!

So, when do you as a runner say enough?

When do you take responsibility for your body?

We're suppose to be so in-tune with our bodies. We're suppose to know what's good for the body and what's bad for it. We're on the leading edge of technology and a shit-load of information pertaining to it.

So why do we need race directors to tell us to stop?

Are the scarlet letters DNF that hard to swallow instead of a lengthy visit to the medical tent?

Is this heat something that we're going to have to contend with going forward?

Will races start at the butt-crack of dawn to ensure completion before the heat of the morning?

Will we evolve to running races at night?


Amber said...

I was coaching with TNT in Cleveland and it was very scary at times. Sirens all over all day long. I made one 911 call and had to give salt to a "medical" guy trying to figure out why a dude was cramping. All of TNT finished safely but it was not a fun day. If I had registered for the full, I would have definitely cut off at the 1/2 split and called it a day but I'm a weenie when it comes to heat.

Ken Matthews said...

You are so right about those scarlet letters. We need to really talk to about not just running but running smart and listening to our bodies. Heat is not a joke and things go from bad to worst so quickly.

Kathy said...

Oh, wow, I didn't realize it was that brutal in Cleveland! I'm a heat weenie ... I'm all about starting the race before sunrise to avoid the worst of the heat. But a night run? Nah!

Kathy said...

Saw your note - I was wondering how Kami and Louise fared in the heat - must have been brutal. Tell them hi for me!!

B.o.B. said...

races at night, at least in Florida are almost hotter.

and, clearly, i took my DNF with no issues. i'd rather DNF than DIE.

Terzah said...

No night runs here either. I *love* early starts for marathons that might experience hot weather. I don't think I'd let a DNF bug me in those conditions, but it IS hard when you've trained hard and long to have a sucky day.

Melissa C said...

I really don't know what to say here. I ran Boston in the heat this year. It got up to almost 90f when I was at the halfway point. I seriously think I must have lost my mind or something, because my biggest fear was that someone would pull me off the course. I was so dead set on finishing that race! I think being a marathon runner makes you mental in the head. Maybe things are a little different in Boston b/c MOST of the people there have done at least 1 marathon, if not many, so the group was either a) more stubborn or b) did know what they were doing.