Thursday, July 21, 2011


1) Stupid alarm clock! It went off this morning but I was no mood to get out and run in the early morning darkness. I actually laid in bed and talked myself out of it until I fell back to sleep. Mmmmmmmmmmmm sleep.

2) Track workout in HELL. People actually showed up for the weekly track workout. I had to improvise because of the heat and we mostly just did 400s. I did have my one kid do the normal workout because he's a kid. It was hovering around 94º while they were running. We have tons of fluids and of course no shade.

3) We've had two Team in Training coaches resign in the last month! I know it's a huge committment and one of the coaches is getting married but it got me to thinking, how much is too much? I enjoy what I'm doing and I know coaches get burned out but WTF! Ha, imagine being able to sleep in on the weekends, Nah I'll do that when I die!



Amber said...

I've been coaching for 5 1/2 years now with our local chapter. Our head run coach has been with us for over 17 years! I think they will have to kick us out! It's tough...I'm getting married next weekend and my fellow coaches have definitely stepped up to cover for me during this hectic time. I can't imagine NOT coaching though! I wouldn't know what to do every weekend! :)

Laura said...

I was a learn to run instructor with a local running room. While it was great, I hated not having flexibility to make changes where I wanted so I gave it up. I now do a lot with my own run group to help out where needed.
400s in 94 degrees. yikes.

Marlene said...

Sleeping in on weekends is for sissies!!!

lilmeg said...

94? That's NOTHING. We're clearly way more hard core in Canada. Our igloos are still standing, and it's 110.

Joanna said...

mmmm, I'm gonna call LAME-O on the coaches quitting. Totally not cool.