Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Moanin'

Another weekend has sped by and the work weeks begins.

We experienced temps in the 80s this morning at 6:00 AM! WTF, this is Michigan!!!!

Luckily this is a rest day for me, so I didn't have to get out in it and leave a trail of sweat.

Had some running friends participate in the Vermont 100 mile race this past weekend. These guys are truly nuts and a few of them had to drop for various reasons. Talk about a DNF, do I stop at mile 40 or mile 76????? That's just crazy..

The really bad part is one of them is attempting the Grand Slam of 100 miles races. He finished Western States last month and then the Vermont race. He's committed to running and finishing, no if and or buts.

My run yesterday was a 'shade run'. No particular route in mind just looking for shade. It made for an interesting route.

Okay time to get back to work............



Run Jess Run said...

The heat has traveled north! Stay cool, my friend.

Lisa said...

I can so relate to a shade run

Marlene said...

And you think I'm crazy???

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Crazy hot! Crazy runners too! Haha!

Anne said...

Those ultra runners are a different breed, for sure. Stay cool if you can.