Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Warrior

I had the opportunity to go to a TNT Fundraiser for one of my alumni that is doing the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. That in itself isn't unusual, I have alumni coming back on a regular basis. The part that really sticks out is that Lou originally dedicated his journey to his father that was diagnosed with Leukemia. Lou continued to raise funds for the cure and his father was treated successfully. But we all know that cancer is an evil disease that has no concern for who it effects. Log story short, Lou's mom was just recently diagnosed! How the hell does someone handle a situation where both of your parents have cancer?

This is just wrong! These people never did anything bad enough to deserve this!

Okay, we all had a great time and some of us even had too much of a good time! I hate those sunny mornings after a good night out,,,,,,,,, oh my aching head.

We had another TNT group training with ideal weather(for February), temps were in the high thirties and there was hardly any wind. We were in running nirvana....

The Spring and Summer teams merge this coming weekend, unlike Survivor we'll hopefully keep everyone on the island. This is when I get to coach everyone at the same time.

Well as I stated in my last post, I knew I would jinx the area about the lack of snow. We got about eight inches of the white stuff yesterday. It's just like the announcer mentioning that the pitcher has a no-hitter or the guy shooting a free throw hasn't missed in forever. It never fails, except in the summer.


Lisa said...

Tell me about it, it SUCKS. My dad just got better then my mom was diagnosed. Prayers to him and his family :) See you Saturday - Im thinking of walking the 6 mile loop

Marlene said...

Oh no, that's terrible. Sometimes life is just not fair.

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness. How horrible. It truly breaks my heart. What a wonderful thing Lou is doing. Inspiration. Please let Lou know someone in Kansas is thinking of their family.

Way to control the weather! :)

Racn4acure said...

Cancer is an evil disease, and there is no fairness to anything about it. When I had lymphoma, I told my four sibs that at least I was taking care of their cancer odds for the next 20 years. Within 5 years, two of them had cancer, and my sister recently got diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer after a year or so free of it. So we just all need to keep doing what we can to ultimately kill the beast. That is one of many reasons I keep coming back to Team in Training!