Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday's Why

Why the hell do I have everything to run outside except socks??????

I have a gym bag that weighs about 30 lbs and extra long-sleeved shirts, swimming trunks, headlamp, tennis ball towels............

But no socks!!!!

I hate forgetting $hit, especially now that I'm older....... is this the first sign of senility?????

Oh well, what was I talking about????


Marlene said...

I forgot my socks yesterday! I ran in my work socks, which wasn't too bad... spending the afternoon in soggy socks wasn't so fun though.

Us younguns can be forgetful too!

Jess said...

Sometimes it's the small, but most obvious, details that can be so easily overlooked!

Hannah said...

Socks would be a seriously craptastic thing to forget! Boo! You are totally old. (I hope you forget I said that. Ha!)

Totally kidding about the old thing. :)

Lily on the Road said...

Well, if socks are the only thing you're forgetting to pack in your 300 lb gym bag, you're doing okay.

oh, excuse me, what the heck are tennis ball towels???

kara said...

And where do missing socks go???

Anne said...

If it helps, I worked out at the gym before work - and forgot my hairbrush. That means I had to "hand comb" my hair as I blow-dried it after a shower. But, yeah, socks are critical too.