Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's What????

Okay now that the Winter Olympics have started, I want to do my best Andy Rooney.

What the hell is NBC thinking of to spend that much money on Winter sports????

Who is getting the blame for the Opening Ceremony glitch that had Wayne Gretzky looking so out of sorts? Can you get fired from an Olympic job?

Nice move guys to put the wall up after the luge participant was killed, DUH! Did the guy that designed the course lose his or her job????

I love seeing the Weather Channel guy telling me the forecast for Vancouver in the next few days, NOT! I watching on television.........

What events did we watch before snowboards were invented?

All I remember is seeing Jean Claude Killy fly down the slopes............. and that one guy that hit the side of the ski jump. Classic stuff.

Remember when all of the men in the skating competition were gay????? Okay, maybe not all of them(jk).

Remember when all of the women in the skating competition were grown women???

Did anybody go out and purchase their Olympic headgear yet?

Isn't Apolo Anton Ohno about 54 years old yet?

Okay I'm done, let the games continue...............


Lily on the Road said...

BWAAHHHahahahaHAAAA, OMG, I can't breath because I'm laughing too hard....


Christie said...

I still can't get my mind around that dude skating in a corset.

Jess said...

Women figure skaters are like women gymnasts: they're all about 14.

CoachLiz said...

Ok, let's see how many of these I can answer...

1. NBC is spending a SH-TLOAD of money on broadcasting Winter Sports because their rating have not been great and the whole Jay/Conan snafu had been bad. The rating have been really good for them since last Friday. Win for NBC. Now, will we still get to see some some of these sports again after the Olympics? Doubtful. NBC FAIL.

2. Not sure you can get fired from an Olympic job unless you commit some crime. Being put in the dog house for the cauldron arm not lifting up out of the statium floor or not using Zamboni machines because the local brands were cheaper but cannot maintain the ice in the speed skating oval is a possibility.

3. That luge track incident has been very painful for everyone and I am sure that there was a lot of nasty finger pointing and name calling after that accident. Again, I am not sure anyone was fired since the track has been open for more than a year and this was really a freak accident. Answer: No more fast and long luge tracks will ever be built.

4.We watched figure skating, skiing, bobsleding, and hockey before we got hooked on snowboarding.

5. WAIT A MINUTE...All of the male figure skaters are gay??!!?? Wow, I missed the boat on that one.

6. Apollo was attending the Olympics at the same age you were trying to pick up girls in high school. So yeah, it does seem like he has been around for a long time. Nothing like starting your Olympic dominance as a teenager.

Here is my question, how did I miss Men's Cross Country and Biathlon in the past? Those dudes are HOTTIES!!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

always good to stop by for a laugh ;) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

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