Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paczki Day!!!!

Happy Paczki Day! It's Fat Tuesday and not Phat!

I've already consumed more sugar in one day than I normally do in a week!

The weekend was great with a TNT group training run in 26º weather that seems like running in the forties. When there is almost no wind, it makes all the difference in the world. The team is doing fantastic and I don't want to jinx any of them.

Sandy and I actually got out for a Valentine Day run together, which I thought would be easy since she's been sick. But nooooooooo, she still kicked my butt like it was nothing.

I made the mistake of standing on a scale the other day and the numbers were not what I wanted to see. Now I know why my knees are complaining about running.

I can see a co-starring role in the sequel of 'Run Fat boy, Run'......

So now I'll be hitting the gym with a vengeance, okay starting tomorrow................ just kidding.

I hope everyone's weekend was full of running and burning calories......

Okay, where did that lady hide her husband?????


Lily on the Road said...

that photo can't be real, can it???

Happy Pancake Tuesday, Lent begins tomorrow....what are you giving up?

Running Around Acres said...

I think it is photoshopped as well. Upper body looks too normal.

Run, Fatboy Run - did not know anyone else had seen that movie besides me. I thought it was pretty good.

Marlene said...

Wow... thanks for that image. Really.

Now get to the gym, Ken! ;)

Racn4acure said...

I'm hoping it is not real. If it is, I don't think I want to know the answer to your question. Hang in there, Mardi Gras ends shortly.

B.o.B. said...

OH my. And that my friend is why we run. Hope you have a good V day. :)

Anne said...

Paczki Day? Must be a cold-climate thing. At least you'll have lots of kindred spirits on the self-sacrificing route for the next 40 days. Good luck being one with the scales again.

CoachLiz said...

OMG, just getting a view of that pic. For some reason it did not pop up on Tuesday. Please tell me it was photoshopped. I see the food on the plate is added in but that lady's arms and thighs!!! She may blow an artery getting up out of that chair. Oh, and no foldable camp chair can support that weight. Ugh!