Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WTF (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

How can I go a week without posting or viewing and fall behind with 116 post?

Keeping up with everyone is becoming a second job, but worth it......

I volunteered for our local St. Pat's run and called out the 3 miles splits. 3400 runners/walkers later, we encountered a real problem.

They ran out of BEvERages before we made it back to the finish after the race, can you believe that?

Good thing I came prepared with my own.....

They are still kicking my A$$ at work, with no end in sight.

We finally got a break in the weather, so maybe Spring is around the corner.


Lily on the Road said...

I love your WTF, so cool.

As for running out of BEvERages, well, that just bites!

Kim said...

Thanks for taking the time to check in!

Whoo Hoo for Spring!

Marlene said...

They ran out of BEvERages on St. Pat's?!?? That is just wrong!

Melanie said...

ran out of BEvERages! Yikes! Enjoy the weather!

Anne said...

Yikes, that's not a good thing in a race, especially with that many people. Hope there wasn't any trouble as a result.

Go Ken, awesome keeper of the 3 mile time.

Sonia said...

I hear you! LOL weeks and 220 posts :S

I think we need to work less and read blog more!

Hope you're having good weather for the St-Pat's race!

CoachLiz said...

It is now officially spring! Watch out that you don't start stepping on woozy animals that are coming out of hibernation as you are out on your runs.