Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday's Why????? and Mo'

Why is it that no on sees or comes around your work area when you get in early, but everyone and their brothers is around when you get in two hours late?

I'm not sure what is happening with the EXTREME class but it seems to be getting easier. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still sweating like a pig and my heart rate is racing when the class is going on. But I'm not having the two day after affects of muscle soreness and hatred of the instructor!

We're suppose to get springlike temps in the upcoming days which will be a welcomed relief.

Add to that the beginning of Daylight-Savings time and I'm a happy camper.

Enjoy Hump day!


Marlene said...

You're just getting stronger. :)

Also looking forward to some extra daylight and warmer temps around here. Like, FINALLY!

Marci said...

Although I hate losing an extra hour of sleep, I too can't wait for more daylight. Happy Wednesday!

Christie said...

I agree. You're getting stronger.

When is Daylight Savings Time anyway? I haven't been paying attention.

CoachLiz said...

Adaptation my friend! You are getting stronger.

Oh, you hate loosing an hour? How about loosing an hour to the time change and then loosing another hour because you travel to the east coast. And if that's not bad enough, I have to be up to catch the shuttle to the staging area of my half marathon.

So I guess that means that I will really be getting up at 2:30 am on the time that I am used to and I will be running by 4:30 am and done no later than 6:45 am. Dang that is early!

Katie said...

Reminds me of the Whataburger commercial -- grab breakfast for everyone on your way in. That way, you're not the guy that was late, you're the guy who brought breakfast :-).

Running Around Acres said...

I noticed that in my running of tempos as well. People told me I was getting stronger/faster. Wasn't sure if I should be believe them or not.

You are getting stronger. Way to go man!!!

Jess said...

I once read that the national # of heart attacks spikes the day of daylight savings. I guess the hour less of sleep does that to people? That or the newfound hour of light?