Saturday, March 7, 2009


We were hoping for a warmer morning for our TNT group training and we got it! It's amazing how good 36 degrees feels as opposed to 16!

Today's lesson was running those hills and drinking on the run! I love hills and I'm trying to convey that same attitude to my team. I want each and every one of them attacking every hill they encounter at their event.

Since we've been running in sub-freezing conditions, a few of the participants were way over-dressed and started shedding clothing in the first few miles.

They soon learned another valuable lesson about running, 'don't get rid of your stuff too soon'!

That's right the skies opened up and the rain started falling. Now I don't mind running in the rain if it's warm outside, but that cold rain just gets to the bones!

Fortunately if did finally stop, but most of the runners had finished also. I sometimes feel like the mother hen of the group reminding them to pack dry clothing for the ride home but there are a couple that never heed my words. Boy, did they pay for it today!

We began taking a collection of dry socks, T-shirts and anything else that could keep a person warm!

I contributed a towel and a pair of socks.

Okay, time to shower and get my Saturday going.

Have a great weekend............


Racn4acure said...

Been there done that. Those cold rains are miserable. They do beat chemo though! :)

It got to about 76 here!!! Go to my post and you will see a photo of the sum total of snow we have left after Monday's 11 inch storm!

Sonia said...

I made the same mistake this morning, being overdressed that is. The weather is gorgeous here. I thought you guys were in the high 60's yesterday??? Now that sounds more like Windsor/Detroit.

I'm happy to report that I didn't injure anyone while tae-boxing! ;-) Well maybe except my pride since I struggle to keep up and have no coordination!!

Kim said...

All it takes is once to realize you should have listened to the coach.

It's so nice to change out of wet clothes!

I always have an extra set of clothes in my never know what may come up.

Melanie said...

i always bring a change of clothes after my long runs, it helps me warm up. I like running in the rain too, but you're so right about the cold rain. Have a great week!

CoachLiz said...

Being soaking wet and cold is no fun. I always have dry clothes in my car and in my bag of tricks. I have learned that lesson from a miserably cold and wet 40 mile bike ride and an equally cold and wet 21 mile run.