Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

We had a great lunchtime run today. There were actually 10 guys from work that started out together. That's a lot of testosterone.....

Notice I said started out, there are a couple of really fast guys and they pulled away after the first mile. But as all of you know, you run so much better in a group environment and to top it off it was lunchtime!

When you have a group like that you can play some games, like someone putting in a surge and seeing who goes with them. Okay, I was throwing in surges, just to show those youngsters that I'm not through just yet.

The real reason for the large group was temps in the mid-forties!!!! Yay for warmer weather.

We're suppose to experience more warm weather, so the shorts will be out for a few more days.

Do people actually remove bumper stickers if their candidate lost?


Melanie said...

You've got quite the group going, that's great! Hey, how's your co-worker Len doing btw? Enjoy the nicer temps!! :)

Pat said...

I can't believe people would remove a bumper sticker, just cause their guy lost.

I, usually just put the winning guys sticker on top.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Len is recovering but not as swift as he thought he would. Pat, that is probably how most people handle the situation. Too funny.

Marlene said...

LOL @ Pat's comment.

Tomorrow looks like shorts weather around here... crap, I'm going to have to shave my legs. ;) (oops, is that TMI?)

Sonia said...

Should have read this post first!! Mid 40s sounds BLISSFUL!!!

CoachLiz said...

The bumper stickers for the loosing party still remain on the cars in Texas. There are more of them than there are current administration bumper stickers. I see younger people with t-shirts with our Commander in Chief on them like concert t-shirts. But again I only see them on people who have not yet graced 30 years of age. What would George Washington, Andrew Jackson, FDR, and Herbert Hoover thought about t-shirts with their likeness on them? That could be a Hump Day Hmmm Question.