Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday's Thoughts.........

I've actually had two good days in the gym. I mean the kind where I'm gasping for air and sweating all over the floor. Knock on wood, my knee even cooperated!

This got me to thinking about goals that I want to accomplish in the gym, other than not hurting myself.

In running we have quantitative goals that we set, such as running a certain distance within a specific time.

We have PRs that have been set and need to be broken.

In the gym it's a little different. Of course I want to be able to bench press my weight for five reps! But is that a true goal for my gym workouts?

In Crossfit certain WODs are timed, giving individuals their chance to PR a certain workout, so they have quantitative results.

So I guess what I leading up to is, do we have the same desire in our gym workouts as we do with our running?

Do you put in the same effort in the gym as on the road?

Just asking.........


Terzah said...

To me, my work in the gym is all about reinforcing my body so it can run well. A secondary effect is looking better.

That said, I'd also like to be able to do one unassisted chin-up someday. But I'm saving that for after I reach my running goal.

Lisa said...

i do not like the gym.

i do like your new blog layout though. :-)

lindsay said...

I always thought the gym measuring stick was increasing 1rep max / upping weights in general? Having a goal like pull-ups is another. Now that I can do them they are my favorite!