Friday, January 11, 2013


I am knocking on wood that we've only had the cold virus come through our house so far this season. I've had the sniffles but nothing that knocked me on my ass, although Sandy is having more symptoms than usual.

Being a child of the sixties, I always tend to think conspiracy when I hear stories of hospitals being inundated with people suffering from the flu. Do you think the drug companies are behind this? Just saying....

I was looking at some nutritional information for the team and was slapped int he face with a reality that I'm not a 'very active' person when you think about nutritional needs. These past few weeks have turned me into a real coach potato. I go to work and sit for hours, if I miss my lunchtime workout I'm at my desk. I get home and may try to get in a few miles on the trainer. So, I'm active for less than an hour! WTF???????????


Terzah said...

I hope you don't get the flu. My whole house had it over Christmas--it stunk--and YES we did have the shot. It's just a bad year.