Thursday, October 4, 2012


1) My appointment for my knee is tomorrow and I have my laundry list of things that occur with it! Feel free to add to it:
  • Stiffness after sitting
  • Kneecap clicking (this has stopped)
  • Swelling
  • Dull ache after exercise
  • Feels like it will give out sometimes...
2)  My bike is on the trainer in the basement, I hope it doesn't get too lonely down there....

3) With the exception of those folks in the South, have you swapped out your summer running stuff yet? I pulled out the long-sleeved crap and put away a ton of short-sleeved stuff. I'm still looking for my reflective stuff, it's dark at 7:30?????


Lisa said...

I wish my knee appt was this week. I have to wait another month.

Best wishes for diagnosis and treatment that gets you back to a pain-free place

lindsay said...

clicking is always good. hope the appt went well!

still wearing tank tops down here :)