Thursday, October 11, 2012


!) WTF??? When did we just jump to November weather??? It's been effin cold in the morning and evenings. I've been pullin gout winter crap just to get out and run!

2) The Giants come back and beat the Reds to go to the NLCS. Now I need the Tigers to pull out game five tonight. Why the fuck do games start at 9:45 PM??? I can see all the little kids staying up to watch their baseball heroes.......... NOT!

3) I had a chance to talk briefly with a couple of co-workers that completed their first marathons in Chicago and they had me cracking up! I also took the liberty of looking at their race photos and they were looking BADD(not Michael Jackson bad, but Joe Jackson bad)! It's refreshing to hear the perspective of a virgin marathoner.....

Go Tigers


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

It's fun to hear first time marathoners. That's because the veterans are like, shit I missed my PR again. Hah!

Terzah said...

"Joe Jackson bad"! Ha! I hope that's not how I look after this weekend.

Here are my Series champ preferences, in order:

1) Cardinals
2) Tigers
3) Giants
4) Yankees

Actually I wish I could leave number four off that list entirely.