Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday's Why???????????

Why is appearance sooooooooooooo important to us????

Why do we judge by a person gait or what they're wearing?

I'm not saying that we're runner snobs, but looking good is important to us......

I ran with my buddy that was attempting to do 100 miles for Relay for Life in a wife-beater and cut-off jeans........... SO I didn't look like a runner but did that mean I wasn't a runner?

I think we've all been in races where we see someone with a terrible gait, but they're ahead of us!

How about the guy in the cargo shorts that flies pass you?

So does size really.............. wrong post.

So are we running snobs????????????



Marlene said...

You're so right about the terrible gait in front of us. :guilty:

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I like to look good but frankly, it does not matter to me what other people wear, don't wear or how they run. Fast, slow, gait, whatever. I'm there because I enjoy running and talking with others that run. At least I know the guy in cut off's doesn't have a glassed over look on their face when I'm talking about running!!! Haha!

lilmeg said...

Are you saying that you ran in daisy dukes? I think that's award worthy. Holy chafing, Batman!

lindsay said...

I kind of try to dress like not-a-runner. People are too concerned with how they look! Let your running do the talking, I say.

lvt4cats said...

You forgot to mention you were wearing a Garmin with your cutoffs and wife-beater. THAT'S what made you look like a runner. LOL!!!! :-)