Sunday, June 12, 2011

Race Directors go Old School

Is it just me or is anyone else out there ready for a good cotton T-shirt from a race?

I was in love with the 'tech' shirts when races first started giving them to runners but enough already!

Now they're making the 'tech' shirts look like cotton????

Doesn't cotton look like cotton?

Here in the Mitten state a lot of the race directors are going with the two panel 'tech' shirt, which looks like crap when I don my cargo shorts for the BBQ!

Hey, any of you youngsters out there in Blogland remember when Runner's World had a T-shirt contest?

Speaking of Runner's World, they had a great piece on kicking cancer's ass and the charities that are trying to do it. Of course they also had the annual article about running in the heat! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Okay, I'm putting my soap-box away for now and getting ready to sweat!



it's all about pace said...

Give me cotton! and long sleeves in the winter :-) I guess I am old

Amber said...

I'm not old (at least I like to think I'm young still) but I would love an old school cotton t-shirt from a race!!

Tri-Living...Together said...

Funny you should say this because I was thinking the same thing when we were at Dicks sporting goods! Hmm sure looks like cotton

Her Name Is Rio said...

Are we really sure those new "tech" shirts really are NOT cotton? Hmmm.

lvt4cats said...

Frankly, I can do without the shirts period. Let me register for a cheaper price and keep your silly shirt! I have enough!!

lindsay said...

i'm kinda with lv4cats... unless it actually has a gcool design! i run too many races with ugly shirts.

Anne said...

The price of cotton has shot through the roof in the past year so, like fake food, fake fabrics are a lot cheaper to produce now. I still wear my cotton race Ts whenever I can.

TutuRunner said...

i just did DAM2DAM in des moines IA and we got cotton tye-dye tshirts. i loved that it was "different". of course, so many people complained, it's back to tech-land next year.