Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh My Aching Head..

That gut that said with age comes wisdom was wrong!

Who thought of putting the start of Daylight Saving Time on the Saturday before a St. Patrick's Day parade and run????

Next time someone says the word 'shots', I'm going to punch them................

We had a wet and chilly weekend here in the high-five state and it made for some tough running for the team but they came through with flying colors, albeit wet colors......

The only good part about running int he rain is running through the puddles, when you're wet, you're wet.

So this team has run through all of the season except summer, which can't be too far around that proverbial corner.

We're only a couple of weeks from their big 20/12 miler and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some great weather conditions.

Our St. Patty's Day race also had wet conditions but 5,000 brave souls made it out and the food tent was a well oiled machine. I had TNT alumni volunteers and they were the best group I've ever worked with at a race.

We did have one problem when the beer tent ran out of beer! Yikes......... I heard someone yell out security and I headed in the opposite direction. Boy, you runners can get a little testy when the beer runs out.

One last piece of Running news. I am heading to Los Angles for the L.A. marathon to watch my son lose his marathon virginity!!!! It's bringing a tear to my eyes just posting that news.

His expectations are to just finish but I'll try to convince him to win the race........

Okay, it's almost time for my nap, so I can get that damn hour of sleep back from the weekend...


Marlene said...

Running out of beer at the St. Patty's race?? NOOO!

You're right about the puddles... I splish-splashed my way through the last 5K on Sunday.

kara said...

LA! I hear it was 82f there yesterday.
You have a son? ; )

Hannah said...

Ohhhhh. Shots. I feel for you. (Please don't punch, I didn't mean to say it maliciously.) :)