Saturday, March 27, 2010

Simulate the Event????

I always try to pick and choose certain training techniques from various areas.

This week was a small simulated Flying Pig course training for the team. I am so amazed at the advances of all the team in attacking(it sounds better) the hills in preparation for their events.

Most of us shy away from any hills if we have an option but the team is starting to look for them.

I almost sounded like that Drill Sargent fro Celebrity Fit Club.

I was yelling out stuff as we ran and only got laughs back from the team. Guess I can't be mean to them.

We have our big 20/12 miler next week and the team is ready to take on.

I am so proud of these guys.

Time for a nap, since we're attending a TNT Bowling fundraiser that starts at 9:30PM!!!! Don't these kids realize I'm an old guy that needs his beauty rest?


Marlene said...

You've got them hungry for hills now! Good job, coach!

Pat said...

You should have some Cincinnati Chili Coneys for them after the long run. Or some Gheotta, which is a pork product we have for breakfast.

Jess said...

Ugh, I hate hills. Mostly because I never run them. Here in FL, it has to either be an old landfill or a bridge in order to create a hill!

CoachLiz said...

Yeah, my team had a fundraiser after our bike ride on Saturday and I was fried and crispy after that. I am still trying to catch up on sleep.