Thursday, March 4, 2010

Liar, Liar pants on fire..............

Hi, my name is Ken and I'm a Liar!

That's right a liar. I had to lie to my legs to get through today's run.....

Okay they were little white lies but they were still lies. You know the ones that you tell to get to the next traffic light and keep running through the yellow light?

Or we'll slow down when we get to the next incline?

Let's face it, legs are pretty gullible and will fall for almost anything.

We had another day of sunshine and blue skies which meant getting outside at lunchtime.

Remind me never to go weeks without doing walking lunges and expect to be able to sit comfortably!

I still looking at the race calendar for that 'A' race and nothing is umping out at me (thank God).

I was wondering this morning, what did I run in before I accumulated all of my race tees and all of the high-tech stuff was for the astronauts along with Tang?

What did you start off running in? Were you the runner with the knee-high socks or did you really wear those 'jogging suits'?

Okay, have a great Thursday and run lke someone is chasing you!


Lily on the Road said...

OMG, I started running in stretchy tank tops with two bra's on (okay, so the "girls" are on the "robust" side) and short, shorts....quite the visual don't you think? LOL

Glucosamine, can't live without it'll get over their size, they do work....

Marlene said...

Mind games... we fall for them every time!

CoachLiz said...

I had me some nylon shorts with blue and white Richard Simmons stripes on them and a matching top that was mesh from the bust down. I cannot remember if jog bras were around yet. I think I wore a striped aerobics bra top that matched a striped aerobics thong that you wore over a pair of bike shorts or tights. I had some Rebok Step shoes that were white, fuchia, and teal green paired with those thick scrunchy crew socks.


liz said...

Hi Coach Ken, not sure if you remember me from the Crim a few years ago -- I met you through Margarita and Amy. I just wanted you to know that I'm starting running again after a REALLY BAD bout with plantars fasciitis, and I am getting so much inspiration from reading your blog. Thanks! Liz