Friday, December 4, 2009


We are finally getting ready for some December winter here in the high-five state.

It's humorous that Houston is suppose to get dumped on with several inches of snow. I wonder if Coach Liz will bust out the snow shoes?

The Spring team will get their first exposure to training in the elements, poor kids! It does seem a little cruel to have newbies running in below freezing temps and tell them to head into the wind!!!

I have been getting in some cautious miles but I do want to go faster!

I hope everyone stays warm and enjoy these last few weekends before Christmas.

Did I mention that I have to shop???????????


Lily on the Road said...

a man of few words...

stay warm and have a great weekend Ken!

Pat said...

shop for what? Oh shoot, I do too.

Marlene said...

SHOPPING. Don't remind me.

Have a good weekend!